Waste Water Treatment

There are two types of treatment systems, follow the link for more information:

Batch Type Waste Water Treatment Systems

Batch systems in general:

  • For flows of 500 – 9,500 gallons processed per day.
  • More precise control of your process.
  • Better option for cyanide destruction.

Flow Through Type Waste Water Treatment Systems

Flow through systems in general:

  • For flows of 9,500 – 216,000 gallons processed per day.
  • Completely automated processing.

Both systems:

  • Robust – Built to work reliably day in and day out with no problems.
  • Small foot print – Takes up less space in your processing plant.
  • Pre-fabricated – Modular systems save you as much as 70% on installation costs.
  • Modular – Allows us to pre-test your system on the floor before shipment.
  • Touch screen PLC controls – Allows you to consistently treat your effluent to desired levels.
  • Options – Should you desire, hook ups can be made from the system to a telephone line or an ethernet card for remote service and software upgrades.
  • Simplicity – System start-ups are quick and easy.
  • Flexibility – System can be configured to treat either cyanide, hexavalent chrome, heavy metals, or any combination of the three you desire.
  • Filter press – Option for an expandable filter press integrated into the system, so sludge volume reduction and disposal is fast and easy.