Water Softeners

WHAT IS A softener?

Softeners also known as water softeners, are computers that eliminate the hardness of the water by means of ion exchange. It is usually composed of a tank containing cationic resin, a multiport control valve and a brine tank adjacent to it that contains common salt.

What do you mean by “hard water”?

The hard water, forms when runs through deposits of calcium and magnesium containing minerals, such as limestone, Crete and dolomite. As such the hard water is not harmful to your health but it is the cause of many problems that attract high costs as:

  • Embedding and plugging of pipes.
  • Stains and tartar.
  • Rough clothes washing, hair Crespo and dry skin after the bath.

At industrial level, boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers and other equipment are severely damaged by the hardness of the water.

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