Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)

The system of Dissolved Air Flotation to process industrial waters has been a common practice for many years, mainly in industries bins for separate Fiber and clay from the effluents.

With the current emphasis directed to environmental matters and to more restrictive rules, the dissolved air flotation system, today is considered as an affordable tool for manufacturers in industrial effluent treatment with which they have problems. A specific area of interest is the effluent which contains, fat, or oily material.


These products float naturally and present a difficult problem in regard to removal of pollutants in a conventional system of clarification because they are created three distinct phases when seating the solid particles.

“The dissolved air flotation reduces the problem to a single floating phase that is easy to separate”.

 Charges or fines of municipal authorities due to high levels of total suspended solids and high levels of Biological Demand of Oxygen (DBO) created by these pollutants can be drastically reduced or completely eliminated when using dissolved air flotation.